Information and Communication Technology in Humanitarian Action

CCC Commitments and Benchmarks

Commitment 1

Timely, effective and predictable delivery of telecommunications services to ensure efficient and secure programme implementation, staff security and compliance with inter-agency commitments.

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Programme Action

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Early Recovery


  • Ensure the immediate availability of essential emergency information and communication technology (ICT), and telecommunications equipment and services, by having supply contracts in place with an emergency delivery clause (HQ/RO).
  • Pre-position essential rapid-deployment emergency ICT solutions in high-risk offices (RO/CO); and put in place licensing and agreements with host governments on importation and licensing of key telecommunications-response equipment and services (CO/interagency).
  • Ensure the timely availability of trained and experienced emergency ICT responders by maintaining internal and external emergency response rosters (HQ/RO).
  • Ensure that all UNICEF COs have a minimum of one emergency-trained ICT professional (CO/RO).
  • Ensure that ICT is included in all UNICEF country and regional emergency-simulation exercises (RO/HQ); and conduct annual emergency ICT training and simulation exercises (HQ/RO/CO).
  • Ensure that CO ICT personnel are trained in MOSS/security telecommunications requirements (HQ/RO/CO) and that evaluation of and reporting on MOSS telecommunications compliance is included in regular office ICT activities (RO/CO).
  • Support implementation of inter-agency and NGO emergency ICT/ telecommunications working groups at the field-office level (CO/RO/ HQ).
  • Support and ensure inter-agency standardization for emergency ICT/ telecommunications equipment, services and procedures (HQ).
  • For the purpose of business continuity, ensure that critical staff have the requisite remote connectivity and access to UNICEF core systems (RO/CO), as per individual office requirements and established from Information Technology Solutions and Services Division and business and continuity plans (HQ).
  • Conduct remote connectivity tests as per individual office requirements and established policies and guidelines from Information Technology Solutions and Services Division and business continuity plans. Ensure remote execution of office-critical processes, where applicable (RO/CO).
  • Ensure, where applicable and as per individual office requirements, remote access to vital records requirements to execute critical processes for critical staff on-site and for those working from home (RO/CO).


  • Perform an immediate emergency ICT and telecommunications gap assessment to identify critical gaps in MOSS/security telecommunications compliance and data communications (Internet, email, etc.) service availability; determine resource requirements and need for eventual external support (RO/CO).
  • Collaborate with cluster partners to identify opportunities for shared telecommunications and data-communications service delivery, and take responsibility as cluster lead at the local level, if required and as per inter-agency agreements (CO/RO).
  • Request deployment of trained emergency ICT/telecommunications responders and emergency telecommunications project coordinators, as required (RO/CO).
  • Produce a consolidated supply plan covering identified ICT and telecommunications equipment and service requirements (CO).
  • Provide key UNICEF users with remote access to corporate applications using secure connectivity solutions, such as virtual private networks (CO).

Early Recovery

  • Provide secure corporate data connectivity - such as Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) - and implement core UNICEF information systems and associated infrastructure required to support the longer-term emergency operation (CO).
  • Conduct a follow-up and in-depth ICT/telecommunications assessment to establish requirements for early recovery and longer-term operation; support planning, execution and hand-over to capable partners of interagency joint emergency ICT projects (RO/CO).