What to Read & When

The Emergency Deployment Kit provides resources for staff, standby partners and consultants to:

This kit covers prioritized material most relevant to emergency response, and the content is tagged by audience to be targeted to three groupings of functions: programme staff, operations staff, and senior management. Depending on how much time you have pre-deployment and how familiar you are with UNICEF, you may want to prioritize focus accordingly. You may review the modules in the suggested order set forth in the main menu, or you may choose to move around and view the modules in the order of your choice. Each module functions independently.

Within each module, the “on the plane” content is what is considered essential reading for each area, and intended to provide a quick overview of how UNICEF goes about supporting humanitarian action and the attainment of the results in the CCCs. The “on the ground” pulls from the CCC E-Resource (a reference on humanitarian policy, guidance and tools), highlighting the prioritized resources relating to the commitments for each area, and allows for easy access to key resources while you are on the ground. Where it is available, the “pre-deployment” content is intended to be read before you are deployed. Proceed